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  Attention Entrepreneurs:

Claim your people, position your expertise, and create a profile that delivers on your promise.

Elevate your expert positioning so you can attract and serve perfect clients
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Get expert support and time-saving, proven "Better Bio Now" training, tools, and templates to GET THIS DONE right and show up brilliantly everywhere your premium clients find you.


"Get Your Client Attracting Story" Done Audio to Guide You to Create Your Magnetic Bio

Getting your client attracting story DONE makes it easy for your premium clients to find, refer and lean in to hire you.  That opens doors to accelerate cash and profits.  

if you want to be quick to impress from the first phone call  that comes your way to serve up your expertise, imagine how your confidence will soar when you are ready to rock that interview, say YES to that prestigious speaking gig, or invite your perfect client to invest deeply in your expertise with your first conversation.

With benefits like these within your grasp, now is the time to get YOUR best client attracting story DONE.  Dedicate an afternoon to put pen to paper to get this done right so you can create know-like-trust at first glance with you BEST clients now and forever.

Listen as Nancy Juetten coaches authors, speakers, and experts just like you through their questions during the 3-hour master class. Capture messaging magic for your own client attracting story with the powerful examples opening your eyes around the importance of packing proof into your promises and personality into your message.

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  • Follow the step-by-step handouts to guide you to name and claim your specific audience and your “Great 8″ story elements.
  •  Gain new "aha" insights around why you do this work and why you are the best available expert to deliver the magic.  Your commitment to serve in a bigger way feels stronger than ever as you get to the heart of your core promise and message.
  • The engaging and revealing templates packed within the popular Bye-Bye Boring Bio workbook make getting your story ready for speaking, media interviews, and new client engagements fun, productive, and rewarding.
  • Best of all, the right words will flow quickly and easily as your confidence in your own brilliance shines brighter than ever!
  • Don't put this off a moment longer.  It's time to GET THIS DONE in a world-class way as the go-to expert you are.  Why?  Big opportunities with premium clients are within reach to serve, speak, joint venture, and comment for the media. 
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Lifetime Access to "Get Known Get Paid" Virtual Master Classes to Get REAL Help and Messaging Magic from "The Bio Doc" Herself!

Ask Nancy anything about making your bio better or making your online marketing pay off.  These regularly scheduled Mega Calls offer "private coaching" in a group format.  Come next time or the time after that. Enjoy the calls live or by replay. They are 2.5 hour webianrs  held once a quarter.   It's maximum value and convenience for unparalleled -- live and unscripted -- expert access!

This is a $997 Bonus Value to Reward Your Fast Action.

  • Ask Nancy to look over your bio to make it better for client attraction on the spot!
  • Ask about how to grow your list -- whether you are just starting out or ready to go even bigger with your influence and impact.
  • Discover how to welcome "mailbox money" for promoting products and programs you believe in as a joint venture partner and win cash, prizes, and trips to exotic locations!
  • Let's talk about how to make publicity pay offcreate a talk that converts or narrow your niche audience to be of even bolder, deeper service  -- or anything else you want to know about getting known and getting paid!
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Your Premium Clients are Waiting for You and Your Expertise.
Get YOUR Client Attracting Story Done in a World-Class Way with  Expert Support from Business Bio Expert and Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten!

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This is $1497 in value - Today Only $297